About Us

Company profile.

We are Private Limited Company registered by the registrar of the companies in United Republic of Tanzania, it is officially registered and incorporated in 2017with  registration number 139631, under the companies Act of 2002. The company is registered for the purpose of farming, food processing and consultancy,

Our company is formed with competent, energetic, professional and expert in Agricultural business, financing , IT and marketing.

We are a growing business seeking ways of becoming better by getting more market share as well as business opportunities. We are confident that with the vision to become a strong force in the food production and processing industry we can offer not only our presence but also our potential in the global market

our vision

To become a world class, innovative, competitive and profitable company in agribusiness industry and a key player in local and international market.

Our mission

To ensure products of the highest quality produced within social responsible and sustainable environment meeting all the required global legal, health and safety standards

our values

we are dedicated by:integrity,Transparency,Service excellence,and social responsibility

Our team

Mr. Otaigo Elisha

Managing Director of our Company, He hold Msc.Natural Resource and Environmental Economics from Bogor Agriculture University In Indonesia and Bsc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from Sokoine University of Agriculture, He hails from agricultural family and has experience in the field of sustainable agriculture, agribusiness project management and business strategy. He is responsible for formulating business strategies and steering the operations of our Company viz., Business Development, Price & Project Implementation and Execution

Mr. Amos Benjamin.

Company General Secretary he has vast experience in the field of agriculture Hold Bsc. in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from Sokoine University of Agriculture and holds Masters from China Agricultural University, China,He is Responsible for the Secretarial and Compliance Status of our Company and Internal Administration Functions of the Company

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